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CL-PDF Change Log

Current version (after Feb 2004): GitHub repository
You must look at the repository for the current version

February 08, 2004
Release 2.1
Added Custom encodings. [Thanks to Dmitri Ivanov]
Fonts without font data. [Thanks to Dmitri Ivanov]
Added a few with-standard-io-syntax so that the pdf are generated correctly when people change the printer settings.
Added a :stacked-series option to the histograms.
Changed zlib (again!) for dynamic loading of the library in delivered applications.
Added a *default-encoding* special variable.
Added pdf meta information to documents.[Thanks to Eric Marsden]
Corrected handling of the min/max-value in the charts.[Thanks to Eric Marsden]
Corrected pfb file loading.
Font names are case insensitive now.
Added improved code128 barcodes [Thanks to Lars Rustemeier].

December 26, 2003
Mailing Lists and code repository

October 24, 2003
Release 2.0.3
Only loads the AFM files for the 14 standard fonts.
The other AFM files must be loaded with the font data by load-t1-font.
Small fixes.

October 23, 2003
Release 2.0.2
Small fixes and improvements

October 21, 2003
Release 2.0.1
A small fix to make the font cache work with the new encodings

October 15, 2003
Release 2.0
This release provides support for cl-typesetting
Major changes in the fonts and font-metrics classes
Support for custom character encodings
Loading and embedding of type1 fonts
Several fixes

March 03, 2003
Release 1.1.2
A small fix for zlib compression with CMUCL

February 24, 2003 Release 1.1.1
A small fix for Franz 'modern-mode'

February 20, 2003
Release 1.1
It's mostly a maintenance release
Better kerning support
Corrected file loading order in the defsystems
A few fixes for a better support of some Lisp implementations

December 23, 2002
Release 1.0

December 20, 2002
Added a readme file.
Added a config.lisp file to put most of the customization variables.
Added plot-xy chart (look at chart.lisp for details.)

December 13, 2002
Added support for the various character sets and encodings.
Changed the font objects and all the font handling in the PDF files.

December 10, 2002
Added Adobe Font Metrics files parsing.

December 09, 2002
Added ASDF and mk:defsystem files.
Converted the zlib compress FFI to UFFI.
Moved previous zlib versions and previous defsystems to a contrib directory.

August 02, 2002
Added very basic formatted text (centered, left, right) outputs
Added some basic charts (histogram, pie chart, legend, axis)

June 10, 2002
Added support for JPEG images
Added oulines
Added internal and URL links.

Release 0.45
Added compression for CMUCL
Compression is now optional
Bugs corrected (ACL compress, with-* macros, etc)
Improved arc functions, new example 6

Release 0.41
Small modifs and added rounded polylines.

Release 0.4
Added internal PDF data compression for Lispworks and Allegro Common Lisp
Added arcs functions (look at pdf-geom.lisp for details)

Release 0.3
removed the use of keywords as PDF names
cleaned up the code a little, put back write-line, removed gensym, etc.
added a maze generation example

Release 0.21 : corrected example4 and changed directory structure

Release 0.2 : added paths and text functions

Added an examples page.

First release of CL-PDF (Version 0.1)