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cl-typesetting Home Page

cl-typesetting is a complete typesetting system written in Common Lisp using cl-pdf for the direct generation of pdf files. This enables it to be powerful, extensible, programmable and fast. It is intended to be an alternative to the TeX like typesetting systems.

cl-typesetting is used to generate reports and documents in production applications.

You can see an example generated with cl-typesetting here.

Mailing lists

cl-typesetting-announce is a low volume mailing list for announces about cl-typesetting and related software.

cl-typesetting-devel is a mailing list for discussing development of and with cl-typesetting and related software.

The cl-typesetting repository is here:
It's a subversion repository. You can explore it with any browser but you need to get subversion to do a checkout.

You can also get a tarball of the current version exported from the repository below.

Current version :


Contact me if you are interested to contribute to this project.