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Active RFID - Sensors - RF Networks

Fractal Concept has designed a lot of active RFID and wireless networked devices. Most of them embedded sensors like temperature and

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Common Lisp and Julia to FPGA high level compiler

The use of FPGA enables us to propose Very High Performance Computing solutions for financial and big data applications.
Here is an example of the performance of that commpiler:

A sub 25 nanoseconds Open Source NASDAQ ITCH FPGA Parser

Electronic Design

Fractal Concept designs analog and digital electronic systems ranging from small ultra low power smart sensors radio networks to supercomputing FPGA platforms.

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Industrial Products

SoftScan : reliable and flexible software to drive automated non destructive testing installations.

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Internet Applications

Web 2.0 framework, the reliability and flexibility of the industrial software applied to web application development.

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Open Source Products

mod_lisp An Apache module to write Internet applications in Lisp.

cl-pdf A Lisp library to create PDF files.

cl-typesetting A complete typesetting system written in Common Lisp using cl-pdf.

The Common Lisp Directory (Obsolete now. Use quicklisp instead) A web site to regroup all the Common Lisp resources.