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Here are some screen shots of our automated non destructive testing installation driving software.
It is currently testing aerospace parts on 8 installations in several factories, working 24x7.
This software is completely written in Lisp, hence its reliability and robustness.

The part definition dialog
This is where you define the part from a CAD file.

The sequence definition dialog
To test a part you have to define several test sequences. The software computes the position of the probe from the CAD file and the specification of the sequence (incidence angle, etc.).

Tank 3D view
The view of the part beeing tested in the immersion tank. In all these 3D views (including the small 3D views in the other dialogs) you can turn/pan/zoom the object interactively with the mouse.

Trajectory view
This view shows the trajectory of the probe during the test of the sequence.

Ultrasound propagation
The software computes the ultrasound propagation in the part.

Ultrasound propagation with reflections
Here is the same ultrasound propagation in the part but with 3 internal reflections

The palette editor
The users can define the color coding to fit their needs.

Control of a part
This is a snapshot taken during the control of a part. you can display as many signal views as you want. (Here 3 views: one 3D view, one 2D view and one 1D view)

The control result
It looks similar to the control view but here the 2D signal data is mapped on the part in the 3D view.

On this picture you can see a real picture of a part beeing tested and the same test sequence in the software.