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Active RFID - Modular and Customizable RF Sensors Networks

These tags and smart sensors are not just simple ID only tags but they can measure several parameters and transmit them as well.

Example 1: Simple Active RFID Tracer

These small low-cost tags/sensors are available with 315, 433, 868, 915MHz and 2.45GHz RF communication channels. They can be used as a simple active ID tags but very often they are used with basic measurements like temperature, contact, movement and voltage. They can even be customized to measure several parameters like temperature from -200░C to +1000░C with an external probe. There is no non volatile memory to store the measured values as they broadcast them in real time. The autonomy goes up to 10 years on a single Lithium coin battery.
Dimensions: 52x32x11mm

Modules used

Example 2: Custom High End Tracer

This very high end multi-sensors tracer has been developed for a military application. It is used for the preventive maintainance and the recording of real use conditions of combat vehicules. It measures temperature in several points, relative humidity, lighting, atmospheric pressure, altitude, shocks, 3D acceleration and vibration. It also features an FPGA performing real time Fast Fourier Transform on 3 axis for vibration energy analysis and a 1GB Flash memory to store the results.
The communication modules used are an IrDA non contact interface and an USB connector.
Dimensions: 70x70x8mm

Modules used

List of Available Modules

Basic Measurements and Data Modules

More Measurements and Data Modules

Tags/Sensors Communication Modules

Routers Communication Modules

Memory Modules