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mod_lisp Change Log

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This log is outdated.

Version 2.35
Moved back the LispSocket and UnsafeLispSocket variables as global variables instead of config struct variables. The struct is reset at each new request so the sockets were lost instead of reused. (Found and fixed by Edi Weitz)

Version 2.34
Send the SCRIPT_FILENAME variable to Lisp when it is there.

Version 2.33
Added a couple of new headers like "Log-Notice" and so on. They are named like the corresponding log levels in httpd_log.h. The "default" log level (i.e. the one sent by just "Log") has not changed. (contributed by Edi Weitz)

Version 2.32
Removed duplicate URL header sent to Lisp. Moved server-id header before the user http headers for security. Do not transmit any "end" header that could be sent by an malicious user. (Thanks to Robert Macomber for the security screening

Chris Beggy has written a nice tutorial on how to use apache + mod_lisp + cmucl + lml + cl-ppcre + clsql + mysql.

Version 2.31
Put back the mode where the lisp process sends data without knowing its length. That data is sent back to the browser without waiting for the full request to be processed.

Version 2.3
Force Apache to read all the Lisp reply before eventually closing the socket or handling another request.

Version 2.2
Allow more than one Set-Cookie
Renamed the win32 dll to mod_lisp.dll

Version 2.1
Added the possibility to add notes in the apache notes table
Corrected a multithreading bug in the Win32 version
Better handling of header only replies.

Added a CLISP example adapted to the new CLISP releases

Added the packaging of mod_lisp as a FreeBSD port and a Linux Debian binary.

Added an OpenScheme example

Added CMUCL and CLISP examples

mod_lisp 2.0b2 : Pass the mod_ssl session ID as "ssl-session-id" to the Lisp process. You just need to put the following directive in your apache httpd.conf file: SSLOptions +StdEnvVars

Added an ACL example and a linux binary

mod_lisp 2.0b1 : Keeps the Apache -> Lisp connection socket open